At Beauty's Beastly Closet ​we want women of all ​shapes and budgets to ​feel confident and ​beautiful.

So let your inside show a ​little and dress yourself ​like you deserve, ​beautifully!

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We are more than just the clothes on our racks...

Who we are & What we offer

We are a family-owned women's clothing resell ​business. We love what we do and always find new ways ​of getting amazing pieces to clothe our beautiful ​customers in.

We hope that every piece of clothing we offer can spark ​a confidence that lets that inner beauty shine! We are ​more than just clothes, we have a story to tell. We would ​love to share it with you.

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Charm is deceptive, ​and beauty is fleeting;

but a woman who ​fears the Lord is to be ​praised.

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceptive, ​and beauty is fleeting;

but a woman who ​fears the Lord is to be ​praised.

Proverbs 31:30

Pick a shopping style that suits you!

A piece for every Occasion

We try to find the cutest, and ​often times, most unique pieces ​that we can for our Beauties! ​We want you feeling beautiful ​and confident in the ​skin/clothes you'rE in!

Every piece is hand picked by us, ​for you!

Katelynn & Mark

This is Us

Hey Ya'll!!! I am a momma of 4 Beautiful kiddos (with our 5th on ​the way!), married to my best friend 10 years & counting, a ​Boutique Owner, a Fashion Reseller, a Book Lover, and most ​importantly Loving Jesus Unapologetically!

After getting my BA in Psychology and having our first baby, I ​realized I really wanted to be able to stay home with our kids. ​Guess what?! That's exactly what I've done! It's been over 8 years ​now!!!

That's one reason why I am here, to show our kids that being a ​mompreneur is okay and AWESOME! That I can be a mom ​(present, reliable, available to them), educate them, and also still ​get YOU great deals on super cute clothes!!! Okay there's a bunch ​of other reasons, but let's start there.

We want women of all shapes and budgets to feel confident and ​beautiful. So let your inside show a little and dress yourself like ​you deserve, beautifully!

Learn With Us

We've learned so much about reselling over the last 9 years ​and love helping others with their own businesses. We get so ​many questions about what we do and how we do it, that we ​decided it made more sense to put our knowledge and ​expertise in one place (well 2 places). What better way to do ​that than to put our knowledge and experience into Videos ​and a Podcast for all of you.

We are here to share with you what we’ve learned over the ​last 9 years through our Online Resell Business and teach ​you how to start and grow your own.

We hope to add value to your business and to your day.

-Beauty's Beastly Closet-

Katelynn & Mark

Mom Life

One of my favorite titles is 'Mom.' I didn't always dream of being a momma but ​that changed from the moment I found out I would be one. I was ecstatic! My ​kids have been the greatest joy and make life so much more fulfilling. It's ​incredible really, to think that God entrusted these 4 tiny people (with 1 more ​on the way) to me and my husband; to love, train, and watch grow!

We believe what the Bible says about children in Psalm 127:3-5 "Behold, ​children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward. 4 Like ​arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth. 5 Happy is ​the man who has his quiver full of them; They shall not be ashamed, But shall ​speak with their enemies in the gate."

It's because of that, that we do what we do. I stay home, keep house, ​homeschool, and of course run a business! It's important to us that we be the ​ones to educate, love, train, and RAISE our kids! They need to feel important, ​secure, and loved and this is how we do that for them. We've been asked so ​often how we make it all work and the simple answer is... ALOT OF PRAYER, ​routines, and winging it! lol

Now we know this might not work for everyone, but it does for us and we love ​it. Every amazing, comical, crazy moment of our life.

~One Blessed Mama~

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If you are in the era of childbirth/mom life. We have a website ​just for you! These are our tips on a natural approach to ​pregnancy/birth/postpartum

Healthy Living

Out With The Bad, ​In With The GOOD!

Several years ago we realized that one of our kiddos was ​struggling in multiple areas. After getting the run around with ​doctors and specialists we were done sitting on our hands and ​waiting for them to take our concerns seriously. Our precious ​baby was going through her own torment on a daily basis and it ​broke our hearts... We did research for a year straight trying to ​find something that was legit that would actually work to help ​her. When we finally found a book that fit her to a tee we dove in ​100%! We changed our diet (as a family), increased ​vitamin/supplement intake, and over time switched out toxic ​household products for natural ones. At first, some family and ​friends thought we were OVER THE TOP and drastic. BUT, after 2 ​months on the new diet and body products, her emotional control ​and gut/brain inflammation was down enough to where she no ​longer had daily meltdown episodes, and for the first time in her ​life, she could go #2 on the potty!!!!! Food is fuel and what we put ​in and on our bodies IS important!


If you'd like to hear more about our journey, get tips and learn ​where we shop and what natural products we use click HERE!

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For our Health Journey, GF Tips, How to reduce overwhelm, Natural products we use, and MORE!

Homeschool Life

One of my favorite things as a mama is being able to educate my kiddos! I get to spend my days with them, learn with them and learn who they truly are. It's the best to know they are safe, loved, cared for, and educated with what actually matters. Each child has a different way they learn and homeschooling helps them thrive in learning! Our "school day" looks different than the traditional sense because we get to choose what we do, when we do it and where we do it.

We love what homeschooling gives our family... FREEDOM! Freedom to choose, freedom to go, freedom to teach our kids how and what we want, freedom to work or not work each day, and freedom to let our kids be who they were created to be and not fit in a box decided by the government.

*If you have questions about what all we do for homeschooling feel free to message me on Instagram*

"Guard what was committed to your trust, avoiding the profane and idle babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge."

1 Timothy 6:20b

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6

~One Blessed Mama~


Our Consignment ​Journey

We added consignment to our business in 2020 for ​individuals and small business owners and loved it! It was a ​great way to get inventory during a season when stores were ​closed at random(if you know you know lol)! Not only did it ​benefit our business, but it benefited our clients with a ​supplemental monthly income and cleared out their space!

Because we were so limited on time(me being a full time ​mom and homeschooler & all) we only accepted women's ​items with a resell value that would be worth it for both our ​time/effort and our client payout. We determined this by ​doing market research based on brand, quality, and style of ​each piece.

With blessing #5 on the way we have decided to pivot once ​again in our business and limit our consignment side of ​things. With that being said I am always open to questions ​about how the consignment process works for others who’d ​like to add it to their business model.

For those clients who worked with us in the past who need ​to move higher end women’s pieces, feel free to reach out on ​Instagram, email, or text!

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Charm is deceptive, ​and beauty is fleeting;

but a woman who ​fears the Lord is to be ​praised.

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceptive, ​and beauty is fleeting;

but a woman who ​fears the Lord is to be ​praised.

Proverbs 31:30

We're so glad you stopped by! Like we ​mentioned earlier we are more than just ​clothes, so we hope these button's help ​you find what your looking for!


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